November 4, 2019
Ice Cream
November 4, 2019

Competition is fierce. Foodvillage  allows your coffee shop or cafe to perform more efficiently than ever before.

  • Make more sales per hourMost people get their coffee fix before 11am. When they come in, you’ll be ready. Foodvillage coffee shop is lightning quick, and simple to use. Transform long lines into cash.
  • Create a lucrative inventoryTrack everything you use and sell, down to the last bean on your cafe. Create the most appealing, profitable menu by knowing exactly what’s making you money, and cutting what isn’t.
  • Manage your business on the goInventory is just the start. Foodvillage real-time analytics and reporting are even accessible on your mobile. Wherever you are, you can see exactly how your coffee shop, and staff, are doing.
  • Bring new customers in‘Under the radar’ isn’t cool. Foodvillage  for coffee shops and cafes has the tools to market your business. Capture customer emails when they pay, then use MailChimp to keep in touch.

Peck’s Specialty Foods Manages Their Product Mix With Foodvillage

Peck’s in Brooklyn discovered that, with Foodvillage, it’s easy to manage your coffee shop effectively and seamlessly. Save time and hassle with Foodvillage intuitive.


Allow vendors to send custom offers and discounts to their customers based on customer’s purchases for the day and generate more sales.

Food Court  with multiple avenues of engagement for customers with built in customer relationship management tools to help generate more sales and enhance your brand.

With features and tools to simplify your operations, dexpos helps you take control of your food court operations and improve your profitability and efficiency by providing your detailed insights about your sales, inventory status, employee performance and much more.

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