November 4, 2019

Foodvillage for concession businesses sells, tracks, and helps you create the most profitable line-up of items. Minimum hassle, maximum freedom.

  • Make more money, quickerFoodvillage reliable iPad register allows you to take all types of payments so you’ll never miss a sale. Accept cash, credit, and mobile payments easily.
  • Love your inventory againCreate, track, and fine-tune, the most profitable inventory, by knowing exactly what’s driving your concession business’ profits, and what needs to go.
  • Your tailormadeFoodvillage register is fully customizable to your vape business. Color code and categorize item buttons, and arrange your screen for maximum speed and zero confusion.
  • Put more time in the dayAside from the quick, easy setup, foodvillage automated staffing and integrated accounting tools win give you back precious hours every week.

We love, and recommend Foodvillage to other local small businesses. As first time business owners, it was easy to set up and get running. We easily analyze our sales data and make decisions that allow us to grow more efficiently and increase our profits.

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