October 10, 2019
November 4, 2019

Foodvillage #1-rated point of sale system helps you run your bar like clockwork, grow your profits—and have a life—without breaking the bank.GET A FREE QUOTE

Don’t Just “Run” Your Bar. Raise the Bar, with Foodvillage.

Bar owners swear by Foodvillage bar because it gives them complete control to run a thriving bar, their way. It doesn’t just have all the  features you need. It’s affordable, simple to set up, and super dependable, too.

Grow Your Business

Foodvillage customers experience an average annual sales growth rate of over 8%. That’s higher than the national average. Cheers!

Nothing Left to Chance

From managing hundreds of liquor bottles down to the last drop, to keeping tabs on your registers, Foodvillage gives you a complete overview of your business.

Keep Everyone Happy

Owners, servers, and customers love Foodvillage because it keeps things moving smoothly. It’s time to cut unpredictable off.

Believe in Your

In the bar game, time is money. Foodvillage processes over 1 million transactions annually, with an order closed every 9 seconds.

Simplify Your Day with Top-shelf Bar Features

  • Staffing SimplifiedFoodvillage easy-to-use system minimizes training time, keeps track of the hours your staff work, and identifies top performers.
  • Accept All Payment TypesFoodvillage doesn’t just give you more ways to get paid, it guarantees you the lowest integrated payment processing rate.
  • Monitor Your LiquorFoodvillage lets you track inventory down to the last drop and alerts you when stock is low to order more. No nasty surprises!
  • Track Every TransactionFoodvillage secure system tracks all register transactions and records which employees gave discounts, if any.
  • Use Reporting to GrowFoodvillage detailed sales and inventory reporting highlights the drinks or menu items driving the most consistent profits.
  • Keep Checks GrowingFoodvillage makes it easy to add drinks to tabs, and then split checks or payment methods when you hear “Check please!”
  • Take Command of Cash FlowFoodvillage lets you monitor multiple cash drawers from one place and consolidate cash at the closing of every shift.
  • Tailor Your to YouFoodvillage is fully customizable: From your register’s on-screen layout to pricing like happy hour menus or drink specials.
  • Know Your RegularsFoodvillage CRM tools help you track your top customers and contact them with emails about promos/special events.
  • Tip Your Bartender!Foodvillage helps you increase tips and saves your customers from doing math after “a few,” with suggested tip percentages.
  • Master Your MenuFoodvillage easy system takes the guesswork out of menu management. Save your brainpower for the important stuff!
  • Assign PermissionsFoodvillage lets you decide which employees have access to sensitive data or managerial functions like payouts.

Foodvillage smart, speedy system is an ideal bar or nightclub point of sale. Whether it’s staying out of the weeds when the rush hits, ensuring the register balances, or automating tasks to avoid “after hours” in the office, Foodvillage has your back.

Here’s to the Complete Bar Hardware Setup!

Foodvillage has all the premium, durable hardware your bar needs to thrive, minus the hefty price tag: From cash drawers and kitchen printers to enclosures for your touchscreen iPad register, credit card readers, and more. Give your business the setup you can depend on, even when it’s three-deep at the bar.

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